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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello Wednesday!!

Hello everyone! well the weather is not what I wanted but it did have big beautiful puffy snowflakes falling and it makes it pretty to watch ....but I am ready for spring!!! :) Well to continue on to the Celebration of National Craft Month here is some news and a new card I made a while back for a challenge!! :)

Thanks for all of you who posted comments on my blog and thanks to all of you who have stopped on the The Heartache No One Can See Blog Hop this past weekend and I have decided to give away Spring Gems!!! and drumroll....Susie if you can drop me your address on my e-mail at I can get into the mail for you...thanks for your nice comment and congrats!! you have 48 hours to give me the addy. Thanks! :)

Don't fret for those of you who didn't get drawn; your name is in the Grand Prize drawing that I have mentioned a few times this month and well I guess you can see below what it looks like! hehe and isn't that exciting the more you comment the more chances you have and also new followers you have a great chance too!! thanks for joining my blog members! It is an exciting time for me and I am thrilled with all the positive feedback I have gotten from all of you and you are indeed a blessing to me!!! :)

Well the bad news is Michelle from Queen of my Craftroom had problems posting on my blog due to computer problems so she is going to be here next Tuesday so make sure you stop back in!! :) She does some great work!! :) I can't wait to see what she will post! :)

First I wanted to show what I made for her on blog for a challenge a few weeks ago and it was to have a card with some kind of flower...well I stamped the roses in purple..hehe...(you know I got to use my fave color!) and then I used versa mark pen and use purple glitter on it and then some little green on the leaves and then a tulle bow was glued to it and the layers of cardstock you can see underneath all of I hope you enjoy this! it is one of my favorites I made this month...I gave it to my friend Barbie who has been going through a tough time. She loved it! :)

Well I hope you all like my card and I wish you all a great evening and thanks for stopping by and blessings!! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello Again!!!

I did this card for a friend of mine last year; she got married and I wanted to make her a card and of course I did! She loved it! and she still has it too! :)
Can't beat it when you give something that means so much to another!
Her wedding at the church was just beautiful!

Michelle from Queen of my Craftroom couldn't come today so she is posting tomorrow her creation as my guest on my blog do please come in and see what she did and I am so excited!

Well there is only a few more days to come in March and the National Crafting Month comes to an end but there is never an end to crafting. Thanks to God that we have this wonderful gift to be able to create....and I don't know about you but it helps me to de-stress as I call it!

As always thanks for stopping by and may you have a blessed evening and don't forget to stop back in for some more inspiration and love from me...hehe...K

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday although it isn't always the best day we can have a better one with a good attitude and sense of humor...thanks to all the new bloggers and fans that came and follow me from the Heartache No One Can See blog Hop and WELCOME! and I do have something for the blog candy for those of you who came and will post it Thursday the prize and who won it!!! :) And everyone that has commented this month will also be in my Grand Prize drawing and I don't have the pic yet because I have not downloaded it from the cam because I am trying to be quick here due to pain. So I do promise that it will be up on Wednesday and the list of who all has their name in the drawing too. woot woot!! :)

For those of you who didn't hop no worries I posted the pic above for all to see what I done now that I have resolved the pic loading problems thanks to a new cam and printer it is awesome to have a good size for you all to has been a ride for sure...learned some um...techi language I guess you can say..hehe...Thanks for joining me for my month long celebration of National Craft Month.

Tonight I wanted to let you all know that I am having a wonderful friend I met last year on FB and she has an awesome blog called Queen of My Craftroom....and she is so funny and sweet and you will love her creation!! Michelle Peak!!! I am so excited that she is my guest tomorrow so come back and check it out!!! woot woot!!

I also wanted to announce and remind everyone that on Thursday to stop back for my Faithbooking page I am putting on and it is a beautiful LO!!! my first one in a long time and due to my injury and my MRI today I am wiped out so I will not be posting anything except what I made for the Blog Hop that I did last weekend above. Hope you all like it! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heartache No One Sees Faith Blog Hop

Welcome to the Heartache No One Sees Faith Blog Hop. If you are hopping with us you should have come from Monique's blog. if you just happened to find this post, please go to so that you can start the hop from the very beginning. :) Now to the hop:

Women have a very unique way of being strong, yet gentle. through this process we find ourselves many times hiding heartaches that truly affect us, but somehow we cannot bring ourselves to talk about. Sometimes it is because of "what would people say" or because we want to keep a certain image, or even because we are trying to keep our loved ones from becoming worried: we hold on to the heartache and even come to believe that "this is as good as it will ever get". Today we are out in the internet laying our hearts bare before the world. We have come to understand that God IS who He says He is and indeed He will complete the work He has begun, and so we lay our heartache before Him in hopes that He will meet us here. As you go through this hop, take the time to think about your own hidden heartache, and if any of our blogs motivate you to speak about it, leave us a comment or even send us an email (mine is As sisters we should remain together and encourage each other to continue the walk towards His arms: the only place we will find rest and comfort.

Here's how the hop works:

Like last time we have some GRAND Prizes to share with you, plus most of the blog owners are willing to share some RAK with you. In order to qualify for the GRAND Prizes you ought to leave a comment under this thread and become a follower of this blog (if you are not one yet). We are asking that you would also become a follower of paper Tree House Studio on Facebook so that you can stay updated with our challenges and contests. In order to qualify for the RAKS i ask that you would also become a follower of those blogs and leave them a comment with your thoughts about the project they might have created or the story they were willing to share (if any). It can be very humbling to share our hearts with the world, yet the Bible says that our troubles come so that we can console another going through the same thing. My prayer is that the Lord would use this for His Glory as He heals all of our hearts.

Now for the GRAND Prizes:

Paper Tree House Studio:
Scrapbook News and Review Magazine: One Year Subscription
Bella Blvd.: $45 retail value worth of their yummy product
Echo Park: Love Line
Scrapbooks & Stuff: Cricut Your Story
Punky Sprouts:
The Paper Blossom Shop: $25 gift certificate to their shop.

Remember that in order to be considered a winner, you should leave a comment here and become a follower. :) It is that simple.

As you hop through the blogs you will see some very open lives, and others that are not as much. We are all being molded everyday more into His liking. Know that I have been praying for each of the participants, and as you begin to open your heart, I will be praying for you as well. It is my desire that the Lord would begin to build a community of bold women that would be willing to show their weaknesses so that in turn He can be their strength. Maybe next month we can hop through your blog as well.. This will happen every month on the very last weekend of the month, so please plan to be here learning about Him and about His love for YOU and His commitment to make you His!

Here is the list of bold and beautiful women that were willing to lay it all out there:

My Paper Tree House:
Nana Campana:
Sueli Pinheiro:

Here is my story: When we were asked to share out heartaches...I had so many to choose from and I can give you my life story to tell you so much but the one thing I would like to share with is we all have a lot of heartaches in our lives....deaths of love ones (my most recent my beloved Gramma on Nov. 27th, 2010) and the ones we loved who walk out of our lives and broken marriages (divorced for over 11 years) and our children who we have to train and teach to live in this difficult and broken world and I do it as a single parent...there is so much I can say and it is difficult for me to pick one so with that being said all I know is I couldn't get through them without my Father in Heaven...He loves us and helps us walk through the fires of disappointments, trials, loss and heartaches of our lives but I know to read His word for they are living water to me and to you and the ones I recommend during tough times is the Psalms...they are so calming to me and I have been reading them a lot lately...due to medical problems and the like they say when it rains it pours...but then recently He led me to the Psalm that really catches me is Psalm 18 and I recommend it highly to be favorite is at the beginning...verses 1 and 2. Remember he won't lead you where you can't handle it and his grace is sufficient in our weakness and His strength is what helps us keep going. Remember how much He loves you!

Well here is the tag I did for this hop and the tag is a use by Sizzix die and I scrunched it up and I chalked green and yellow on the background and stampology stamps were used and also a purple *hehe* butterfly and I stickle the daisy center I used here and these are Martha Stewart daisies that I have from over a few years ago...then a sticker sentiment with Psalm 24:4-5 on it then I sticked another small flower next to that and then a pretty green ribbon on bottom and also used a yellow ribbon!....hope you like my project for it was my take of how God makes our heartaches into something beautiful in our lives.

I don't have the blog candy yet but I am going to get something but don't know later on that.

Thanks for stopping my blog and enjoy the hop as you go on to Tania's blog. I welcome your comments and thanks for checking me out! :)

Thanks for participating with us... Now hop on over to Tania's blog at

Love in Christ,

Hello Thursday!!

Hello!!!!! Well the weekend is almost here and I am sooooo gllaadddd! a couple of hops I will be in and doing for the continuing celebration of National Craft Month...thanks for become a follower and I appreciate all the comments you put on here. Will update you all more once I get all the details and set up! :)

I want to Thank Erin once again for doing an awesome job as my guest! she did the cutest basket and for those of you who have not seen it can check out below or in the archives once I update again later.

I will be adding more names to my drawing for the name of my craft spot and also for the grand prize drawing which yet has to be posted friend was suppose to come over last weekend but because of weather and other things has not yet and hopefully we can try again I can get this pic problem taken care of. I am so excited about doing that and my new camera is awesome!!!

There will not be as many postings as I have been wanting to do since I am suffering some injuries that are pretty serious right now....I will be having surgery soon and will let you all know when I won't be on here.

Thanks for stopping by and May God bless you all and have a great Thursday!!! :) K

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest Post by SpantastiKreations

Hello everyone and welcome to

PurpleFuntastick Creations

This is Erin from SpantastiKreations.
I am so honored that Kari has asked me to be a guest designer on her blog.
I have known Kari through Facebook and blogging now for probably 8 months or so. She has been a blessing and encouragement to me. It's amazing the friendships you can build online without ever seeing them face to face.

The theme for this weeks guest post is Spring.
Nothing says it's Spring to me more than Easter! LOVE IT.
It's so fitting and symbolic that we celebrate Easter in the Spring because what was once dead is alive once again. This is true not only with the buds of the trees but also with the Jesus of our Salvation so many years ago.

I hope you enjoy my paper basket.
There are more details of how I made this on my blog.

Than you Kari for inviting me to be a guest designer on your blog this week.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am sorry I have not been on here...I have been really sick and I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for an MRI and therapy session...since I have not heard from BunnyFreak...the gems I am going to use...and if there is still some where I got it I will get another and add it to the grand prize...thanks for stopping by...have a blessed week you all and Tuesday and Wed I will have another surprise guest!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marianne's Visit comes to an End

Hello bloggers and what a beautiful day it is outside...too bad I am sickie to enjoy it....hopefully it will get better with out the snow coming back like me and I can enjoy it soon on to business....wasn't Marianne's project awesome...I gave her two days to show you some neat new project you can try but evidently no one was interested except she gets the gem prize....Bunny Freak...please send me your address to for me to send the blog candy to you! Congrats! :)

As we continue to celebrate National Craft Month I hope you come back to see my latest oldest son's brithday card... being sick it takes me forever to get a card done...have a wonderful night and God bless you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello bloggers! This is Kari again! as we continue to celebrate the National Craft Month...I am having a dear friend of mine being a guest designer for me today....Marianne from Paper or Fabric Quilter is here...woot woot!! bless her heart and she has been a great help and supporter to me in beginning my blog and you have to check her blog out and she is an awesome designer! I do love her stuff! and to get this going I am having a little candy to get it going as you can see above; the Spring Gems are have to make a comment on this blog as well as make sure you do both...I would love to have you as a follower as well as I am sure Marianne would too...thanks for stopping by and hopefully when I am well I can continue to the party and get my pics on here be blessed and have a wonderful day and have fun crafting! K

Hello there fellow crafters! This is so exciting, being able to post on a friends blog! I am guessing that you want to know who I am, right? Well, I am Marianne S. from Paper or Fabric Crafter. I am so honored that my dear crafty friend, and fellow Buckeye, has asked me to share a project with you all. First though I want to say thank you so much for asking me, Kari! I was asked to create a project with a Spring theme and here is what I came up with...

The above picture shows what the top looks like when the easel card is closed and the next picture is when it is open.

If you get a chance I would love to have you stop over on my blog at Paper or Fabric Crafter, there are details over there about my project. Happy National Craft Month!! Now I turn this post back over to Kari. Thank you again, my friend!!

Now that you have seen her fantastic project please commment on here and her blog like I have asked you all to do to have a chance to win a little candy I said in the beginning... Thanks Marianne for an awesome project!!!! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rosie's visit coming to an end

Well Rosie did a great job with her project and I am happy for the new followers who have joined my blog...Welcome!! I really love to see what we can do next to get this party started up I will have a guest designer every Tuesday and till Wed they will have their project on here. So be on the lookout for that and may be a permanent thing I am going to do.... ;) And since no one made a comment on my blog I have decided to put the stamps with the Grand Prize package for the Celebration of National Craft month...will post that pic soon one way or at least it will keep you guessing what is all in that prize thing...

Still having issues with the camera but I have a friend who is coming on Friday to help me out and then you can see some good stuff finally!'t want to count my eggs before they you can see I am literally ready for Spring!...

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Friday!!
God bless, K

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi Everyone my name is Rosie, I was honored that Kari asked me to be a guest on her blog for National Craft month I wanted to make something really cute for the Spring theme and this is what I came up with,Hope you all like it. If you head on over to my blog at: to see what I used to make this cute little treat bag. Once again Thank you Kari for asking me & being such a great friend oxoxox

Hey Crafty friends! Kari here again...Isn't Rosie great! she did a wonderful Spring theme project...well now isn't that sweet and gets you all excited for Easter!! make sure when you go to Rosie's blog that you give her some love and become a follower and come back here to let me know that you did that and also become a follower of mine if you have not and let me know that also and I will be be giving away some stamps!

...right now I am still working on the cam issues and got a card reader and still having trouble loading on my computer so I am hoping to have that resolved soon....then we can catch up on some cards I have made that I had not had a chance to post. I am still not feeling all that well and hope to be up and at them everyday on here for you so sorry for the interruption and lack of posting.
Don't forget to be crafty and celebrate this National Craft Month and let me know what you have been up to on my FB page!
You all have a blessed day and have fun doing up some great creations!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sorry about Not posting

Had some problems with my computer kept going off and on and then the new camera wouldn't load so I have to get a card reader and will have that tomorrow...then therapy started and it makes me sick so we will be back to normal sometime tomorrow to continue the party...deeply apologize and hope to talk to you all soon!
Have a blessed evening you all! K

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great News....continuing party! :)

Hello the um...mistake and well I admit my addiction to crafts and blogging first...hehe....since I didn't have a good turnout on the naming of my Craft corner I am going to extend that for the whole month till March 31st since Rosie and Debbie responded first and by deadline their names goes in the Grand Prize (which will be revealed by Thurs. night) twice and everyone else once and decided I will give a blog candy for that and you can see it above to help me...have fun and be creative and see the post from Feb 28th on Monday. :)

I also will be still having the FB "like" my page contest going for the whole month as well and would you help me reach my goal of 100 fans and a chance to win the Scrapbooking kit that I also listed in the post below....

Good luck to everyone and come back tomorrow to see the reveal of the Grand prize to Celebrate the National Craft Month and let's Par-ty and keep stopping by to see other challenges and Friday and Saturday I will be joining the OWH Bunny Hop March 5th....more about that later and the party continues!! woot woot...and yeah baby some more blog candy coming up !

Have a blessed day friends! K

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winner of the Paper Tree Studio's Friends, Faith and Love Blog Hop drew the winner of my blog candy for the Paper Tree Studio's Friends, Faith and Love Blog Hop....and 15 Congrats Fabitolana!!! and thanks for the love !
Please send my your address by Thusday so I can mail your prize and congratulations!!! :)It was a great hop and it being my first was not too bad...still have to learn some things but that is what makes this journey priceless...God is good!!

Don't forget to join in the Party here on my blog everyday for the Month of March in celebration of National Craft Month...and please join my FB page and my blog as a follower as well as get a chance to win some prizes including the drawing for the Grand Prize by the end of the month so check out my posts below!
God bless you all and have a great evening! Kari

I love your comments and let me know what you think! :) hugs!

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