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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Missing In Action

Hello Friends! 
So sorry I have not been on lately...major problems with the computer with that being said I am getting a new one soon...but for now I won't be on here as much and I am making some major changes to my blog...but I think you will love it! 
I hope to be an all around crafting blog and not just card making and scrapbooking but other things I been doing and interested with that being will be around Aug-Sept time frame that all will be back to normal....and I am so excited for my new venture...been thinking about this for a long time...and I hope you stick around to see what is going to happen next...another change will be that I will be doing all of my posts ahead in a few days for the whole month due to my schedule as a pastor/speaker and being an empty nester!! So with great love I look forward to starting a new chapter here and in my life! love you all! and thanks for being great supporters! :) hugs and have a blessed day my friends! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

I love your comments and let me know what you think! :) hugs!

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