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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Football Notes with Kristal Andrews Stamp Set

Hello Friends!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...what a busy week it has been so far...hehe...but I am glad to hear that a lot of my friends made it through Hurricane Irene...some rebuilding has to be done but I am glad they are safe regardless of the material lost that can always be replaced! Praise God for all of you! My prayer for you is that God helps you rebuild, encourage you when you need it most, and keep you safe under his wings. Amen! :)

Today I entered Crazyabout Cricket challenge...we had to make notes of some sort. I decided to make notes for my teenage son to put in his lunch paperbag that he takes for school (school food is ugh)and he is always excited before he plays the game but sometimes he gets nervous too and that is natural...and since it is his last year it is saying good-bye to all the teams he plays against...kind of scary and sad at the same I thought I send some encouraging notes to him each Friday. I hope he is surprised! :)

Here is my take on them: I use white cardstock and cut it 3x3 so it is perfect size for paper bag and then I stamped with Verve for the stars and swirly, then I stamped with Kristal Andrews stamp set "Positive Thoughts" at Getting Cricky and I have to be honest I use these stamps all the time and they are an absolute favorite and must have and I can't believe how I one time didn't have these! how did I live without them I can't tell you now...hehe...but I am glad I don't now! I highly recommend you get her stamps they are awesome! I also have her button to her website on my sidebar please check them out! :) I stamped using english red for the sentiments then cut to size to fit the note and then taped that to black cardstock and cut that to size also. Then I used some football stickers that I had left over and put them on the note and punched some stars and then popped dot it on there also, and voila! :)

Cute isn't it! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and if you have not done a challenge at Crazyabout Cricut I highly recommend you do that will help you keep your mojo and do something different that you may have not thought about.

Have a blessed Wednesday my friends! :)
In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guest Designer - Aug 30th

Hello Friends!

Today is my Guest Designer Tuesday and I have the talented Gill McGill as my guest today and she has a wonderful project for us today so go and check it out! Thanks and don't forget to give some bloggy love...We had a Wonderful Faith Series Hop yesterday here and I hope you all had a chance to check it out and if you didn't check out the post below...thanks! :)

Now without further ado...drumroll....Gill take it away... :)

Hello all today i have my second Guest Design team spot for Kari over on PurpleFuntastick Creations.

The theme for this posting is "End of summer" and i hope you like what i have created - it is a Pyramage card of an end of summer night time image.

I used my software program to manipulate the image and reduce it down in size to create and A4 sheet of the whole image in stages onto one sheet. This pic shows the pyramage image in close up. Once i cut out all the stage layers i then used 3d foam to layer them up and give the dimension. The image was the matted and layered onto Yellow and orange card stock. I then covered a card base in green paper and edged it in pinflair border peel offs.

I punched out 2 circles shapes and used peel off letters to create the sentiment and
added a little bow as a finishing touch.

This is my last GDT posting for Purplefuntastick for the time being - i hope you like what i have created and will pop back and check out my blog again. i look forward to reading your comments.
Gill :)

Well Gill did a great job and don't you love that 3-D beans! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my guest designer for the day and please stop back and see what is going on with my blog. :) Enjoy your last days of summer and I know my boy is already in school but I know some are still not starting till in few more days or after Labor Day...whew..glad it is not me...hehe...have a great day! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Monday, August 29, 2011

Faith Verse Hop - August 29, 2011

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog! and I am kicking off a new series starting September 12th called the Faith Verse Series that I will put on my blog every Monday...but for today I wanted to show you what it is about...I and my guest designers are going to give you their favorite verse and tell why and then create something with that verse in it. I hope you are blessed and encouraged on your spiritual journey as you go through this hop with some talented ladies...I am so blessed by their friendship and stories.

If you came here then you are in the right place for it is the as you go through in case you get lost you can always come back. Don't forget to give the bloggy love to all us and give Praise to God.

There will be a prize from Kristal Andrews her Faith St and some other embellies and ribbons from others that contributed to the Grand Prize! and you have to comment but you are not required to be a follower but it sure would be nice if you were :) and we to hear what you have to share with us as well. Have fun hopping and thanks again! :)

Here is the line-up:

Kari -

Vicki -

Carolyn -

Lynne -

Amy - http://www.love

Christel -

Shawnee - ht

Tammy -

Lynda -

Eileen -

I picked Psalm 143:8-9 which I love:

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go
for to you I lift up my soul.

I have this memorized to keep it in my mind. I so dislike when I don't start my day without the Lord leading me and my is not to say it goes smooth but he does know what is going on and what will happen. He is there with me and I trust him no matter whether it is a good day or not. I know for whatever reason things happen he has a plan. He does give me peace and I know He loves me and with that thought in mind I can go about my is a nice scripture to remember and have to wake up to. I like to think he gives me a hug everyday just like the Father He is! :)

Here is my LO I made with the verse in it:

It has a pic of a favorite place that me and my son when he was little we used to go to in the is beautiful and this is one of many pics that I love of one of our favorite places.

Recipe:I used rickrack ribbon, and choc self adhesive gems.. and used cardstock cuts and then used a pretty leaf and the a heart embellishment along with the Faith sticker that I had journal notes...

Hope you like my page and be inspired! :)

Don't forget to comment to have a chance at the grand prize! and if you want to keep up with my blog please sign up for the e-mail letter.

Thanks for stopping by and your next stop is: Jen

In His Love,

Be Inspired,


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love By God Blog Hop - August 27-28th

Hello Friends!

(Let you know the links are not working currently due to blogger, sorry ..but I did leave the link addys)

Welcome to my blog! :) Nice of you to stop by today...I am in another hop for PaperTree House Studios...and we are here to glorify God with our stories and our creations for him... Make sure you give us all some bloggy love and bless you for coming to our blogs and have fun check it out below...

Loved By God

Welcome to the Loved by God Faith Blog Hop! We are so blessed to have you be a part of it. If you arrived from Nana's blog which is then you are in the right place. If you just happened to have landed here, go on over to so that you can catch the beginning of the hop. I have noticed that since we were pretty much created we have an innate need to be loved and desired. There is such a longing in our souls to be called beautiful, adorable, precious, accepted, and loved; and many times we find ourselves living lives of beggars, accepting the pennies people are willing to give. To be loved by man is temporal and it will always leave you thirsty for more. To be loved by God is to find satisfaction and to never thirst again.

This month we want to share with you what it has meant for us to have been “Loved by God”. Every Brave and Precious woman participating in this hop has a beautiful story of how God has shown His love to them in a very personal way. We invite you to hop around and discover the AMAZING ways the Lord chooses to love us, even when we do not deserve it.

The Bible says that there is no greater love than that from one who dies for his friend… and God loves you so much that He sent His only Son to die for you. Take a minute and listen to this song:

Our prayer is that the Lord would open your eyes so that you too can see how God has loved you. Here is how He has chosen to show me His love:

I love to read the Psalms they are my favorites to read when I need lifting up or looking for answers to questions as well. And it always reminds me how much God loves me. Reading Psalm 139 lately I have noticed some words that have caught my attention and helping me with some spiritual issues. Especially Verse 1 which states: O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. WOW! ...hellllooooo! I was like wow...again...hehe...but it hit me like a ton of bricks...honestly...we all crave love, we want intimacy and we want to feel worthy! We want to know we are beautiful and precious. We want someone to tell us "I love you" but sometimes it is difficult to let someone love us because we are afraid that they won't love us for WHO WE ARE and not their expectation of us or be ashamed of us and our past. Well I got news for ya...God knows us...ALL OF US...and that includes our warts and all...yep even those shameful moments, sinful ways and those temper outbursts and even our wrinkles! hehe...we can not hide from him who we are...that is something we do whether we admit or not...ah ha moment...but yet we have this habit I call "people approval" and you know we want to feel wanted and try to do whatever it takes to be "liked" but the standards of some people will never be met...they are fickle!!! and change with the wind...well after awhile its gets pretty downright tiring! Finally you get to the point that either you fall down and live like a zombie or be yourself. It can be a lonely road but God did not intend for us to live with out love.

Lately I been feeling like I am being placed in a box with difficult demands/expectations of me just because I am a single mom becoming a minister and don't know what the heck I am doing...been a single mom for over 10 years and think I have done pretty good in spite of my mistakes (gotta learn somehow!) Just because someone may disapprove how I raise my child in a certain way or not dressing in a certain way and stuff like that. People don't know what it is like for me (yep that old adage "walk a mile in my shoes") and pass judgement but they don't know me at all or what is going on in my life and yet expect me to do this and that. I am only one person and can do only so much. I understand that I need to be Christ like as a minister but at the same time I am human still (people forget that). And the people we crave to love us like our family, husband and our children even some friends and for most even our church family can be difficult...but they do love us in their own way or not at all...that can hurt us and our image of love, and even of God, but God does not hold his love from us. He has loved us all along and will continue to love us till why are we working so hard to get people's approval or even God's approval by works and trying to be something we are not and learn to be just our self. The people we want approval from will either love us or not. That is the risk and sometimes it pays and you have that person's love or sometimes not and let that person go. That is the eye opening moment when you realize that no matter what you do HE STILL LOVES YOU...all he wants is for you to surrender and let him help you on the straight path that he ordained before you were even born (Psalm 139:13-16) and if he knew this then and knows you now why not make it easy on yourself. Let him love you and accept his love and it is real! :) I am in awe when I think of that verse and realized God knows our needs and he knows how much we want love in our lives and be loved for who we are. And in spite of our self...he really does LOVE every bit of us...ah we have it and I can imagine when God finally sees we get this he is joyous with his angels and dancing a jig and saying "she or he got it" and then we are finally accepting who we are in Him. Isn't this amazing! We finally get the understanding of our redemption because of Jesus and what he did for us in our place on the cross and under his blood. The Love that endures forever is ours! :)

Here is my tag I made for the hop! A love Tag :)

My recipe...I use a sizzix die cut for this tag and then I used it again for the blue cardstock to paste on the white then I embellished with lace, flowers and a stamp with "I love you" on it and the lace part on the bottom is a doily left over (I dislike throwing stuff out!..hehe) and then of course a butterfley and some fancy smancy ribbons...and voila! :)
Hope you enjoyed my testimony and my tag. :)


We are doing things a bit different this month. We actually want to have you be a participant with us. If you feel inspired create a project that reflects what the Lord has shown you, write a poem, or simply post about the Love of God in your blog. Then go over to to link up your post. We would love to see how the Lord works through you.

For this month alone, there will be no greater gift we can offer you than the love the Lord has awaiting you, so there will be no Grand Prizes. Still you can be blessed by the beautiful RAKS some of the participants have available.
Know that we are praying for you and sure hope to see your creations!

Love in Christ,


Wow...isn't this can link your creation to partPaper Tree House: icipate with us...PLEASE share with us your story and creation or whatever you choose to do! We will definitely be looking and reading it! :)

Thanks for stopping by and your next stop is:Jessie (sorry blogger is not letting me link)

Much love and hugs to you all and may you be touched by God today! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday Tag Day! :)

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog! nice to see you here and today I am doing tags...I made some tags for a challenge and unfortunately storms knocked out our powers and I didn't get it up in time...but oh well no creation goes to waste!..hehe...I will be giving these to some special friends of mine. Wanted to let you know also that I will be in a hop Saturday and Sunday for Loved by God. Same for Monday to do a hop for Faith Verse Hop to kick off my new series on Mondays that will kick off on September 12th.

Without further ado...

Here are my tags...the one requirement was we were supposed to use some kind of lace and I was out of my beige and white lace but I did have some red lace left and I decided to play around with printed paper too and added some embellishments and voila!

The first tag is my "grow" tag...I did something similar a while back and made it groovey but this I wanted to make it soft and cute...

This tag is something different for me to do but I thought it be fun...I made the small rose with my heart puncher...I punched out 6 hearts and inked them up and then smushed them with a marker and make it curl...and then glue it all together...pretty cool...(I have to show you I how I made my cabbage rose too) and then I added a butterfly *my last one of these kinds :( and then added some self adhesive gems..ribbons...and of course the lace...

Let me know what you think...I did something a little different and one similar to a tag like I did earlier in the month but I wanted to try diff all in all I did have fun making them and don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone! it just may surprise you how much you like doing something different... :)

Hope you enjoyed them! Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed weekend...going to my son's first Football game tonight and I am pretty excited! going to be taking lots of pics again and get ready to scrap his Senior Year...and oh yeah I will be in a hop again this weekend! So make sure you come back to visit! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Guest Designer Tuesday - Aug 23rd

Hello Friends!

Great to see you again and I hope you had fun this weekend with all the hops going on and all and summer is winding up for most of son starts school tomorrow. I am thrilled to get back to now lets get to guest designer today is a new designer I just met this past week and I am thrilled to have her here today...the talented Shawnee Penkacik from . Check out the her blog and give her some bloggy love and also here without further ado...take it away Shawnee! :) *Blogger is having issues at this time I will try later to get the link fixed) :=(

HI Kari,
Thank you for having me as a guest designer today. I feel so amazingly blessed.
My project is a card for a teacher for Back to School.

Card base is cut 4 1/4 by 9 inches
Chocolate Brown cardstock is 4 1/4x 4 4 1/4
Plaid Cardstock is 4x4
Deer is from Create a Critter at 1.25
Tree is from Create a Critter at 4 inches.

Inside says Thank you for being a great teacher. I also made one that says Happy Birthday Dad.


Isn't the card adorable...thanks Shawnee for being my guest designer! I am looking forward to some more of your work in the future! :)

Well friends thanks for stopping by and don't forget to give us some love! and have a wonderfully blessed week!

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

29? Again Birthday Blog Hop - Aug 22nd

Hello Friends!

Glad you could stop by and I am in another hop today...It is for Deborah Marie Foti to celebrate her birthday!!! :) I wish you a blessed and wonderful birthday is nice to be 29 make sure you give her some bloggy love and birthday wishes hopping in the hop! with out further ado check out the rules and below and enjoy my creation for Deborah via digitally

If you came from then you are in the right place otherwise start at the beginning at and thank for coming!! :) Have fun hopping! :)

Welcome to the 29 ? AGAIN birthday blog hop , We are so glad you have decided to join us today for This is a ONE day blog hop that will last all day today, from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm.

~It's my birthday HOP ~

So sit back, relax, and enjoy viewing all the wonderful projects these talented artists have created.
We’ve had so much fun creating this hop, and we have a wonderful line up with some oh-so-talented creators. You will see some lovely projects having to do with a birthday theme and have a chance to win some blog candy along the way, including some grand prizes which are being sponsored by Tricia at } One of my Favorite paper piercing companies. Tricia is nice enough to donate $20.00 in files & also Kristal at { } is donating a stamp set for us. I'll {SCRAPPINGMAMMA } will be donating a bunch of crafting items .. And all of our blog participants will also have blog candy along the way, So be sure to comment on all of the blogs..

Here is my card for Deb...It is a shaker card so she can have fun...hehe...

Here is the recipe...Shaker has clear crystals with birthday signs in it and the "29 Again" (numbers and letters from CMTH stamp sets)on it that I stamped and cut out with Neon Pink...and then I put it all together on top of the printed polka dot paper part..then cut a strip of stripes to compliment it below and the dividind line was cover with a rick rack ribbon and then I put two chocolate self adhesive gems on it on the bottom to the side and then stamped celebrate (Hero Arts) on white cardstock and then nipped it at the corners with my circle puncher and popped dot it (I think I may have a pop dot addiction! I just realized how much I use it!..hehe) and all of that is on top of a green card that I brought from SU.

Here is the line-up in case you get lost...don't want to miss anything! :)

Deb -
Cheryl -
Kristy -
Amber -
Lynne -
Julie -
Gina -
Janet -
Lisa ~
Ashley -
Nicolette -
Jearise -
What is the grand prise you ask ???

The lovely talented Tricia from { is sponsoring us with

$ 20.00 in files :-)

Kristal from { } is nice enough to give us one of her FABULOUS stamps { "Positive Thoughts" }

Scrappingmamma is giving you a lot of scrapping items :-) & a custom made card.

The blog participants will also be giving away blog candy of there own ..


1. Become a follower of EVERY Blog in this blog hop.

2. Leave a comment on EVERY Blog in this hop.

3.Become a Fan of the Scrappingmamma-Crafts.4. Leave a comment on Scrappingmamma-Crafts FB FAN PAGE so we know you stopped by. (even if you are already a fan you MUST do this)

Thanks so much for joining us today! :)

Now I hoped you were inspired to make this card for someone special in your life and make sure you don't forget to comment below. :) Don't want you to lose the chance to win a prize. :)

Here is your next stop: Cheryl

Thanks for stopping by and wish you love and a wonderful day! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Faithbooking Sunday - Aug.21st

Hello Friends!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and Welcome! It's been awhile that I have done a Faithbooking Post since well we will skip that...hehe... I love to give my Lord glory! :) I am spotlighting a gal named Dee from Dee's Bugaboo Boutique. She designs amazing scriptures you can use and buy from her but has a Freebie Tuesday as well.

So I did a story here again using a Faith stamp from Dee's Bugaboo Boutique in which she designs digi stamps..and she has a freebie Tuesday and I love them! Thanks so much Dee! I love to do faithbooking and this is perfect to use for scrapping and cardmaking. I highly recommend you go to her site and check her out. Here is the link: ... (blogger is not linking..grr) and give her some bloggy love. Right now she is selling off her charms if you are interested. Tell her I sent you.

Digi stamping is still pretty new to me and well I consider myself old school...don't take to new well...I like being creative and sometimes you can't always do that with Digis, but I am liking them for sentiments here is my first with Dee's design. :)

Lately I been feeling like Job from the has been a heck of a summer and this month of August has taken its toll...with all that is going on in my life. Still not having a car when it is needed and then all of my cats got sick...I mean ALL 3 of THEM! Angel first with an impacted bladder, almost died and then my baby girl Faith who had a severe case of URI and almost stopped breathing then Sass which is very ornery started sneezing when I brought Faith home from the vet ...I am like are you kidding me??? yep, he has URI but just in the beginning stages so antibiotics for him as well..all 3 of them...whew! My pets are a major part of my them all dearly...then the finances took a hit with more unexpected bills besides the vet; then I am just like I am still standing...and I have been reading God's word and he has told me to go to several books...lately I am reading Lamentations 3 which I have not read in forever...then he reminded me that he is my portion and then he directed me to my favorite book in NT which is Matthew.

I can really relate to Apostle Matthew...he was a despised tax collector...and it amazes me how he used Matthew especially after his death I mean after all he knew the real cost of following Jesus...he didn't have anything like all the others who were mostly fishermen and could back to what they knew after Jesus died. Matthew left that profession of a tax collector, a very lucrative career back then even with the bad thing of ripping off people and the reputation he had...he couldn't go back after the transformation of being with Christ. The burdens he must have carried then must have been huge! Can you imagined him having to ask for a place to stay or doing work for someone knowing all that and yet he trusted Christ to carry him and that is what Jesus reminded me yesterday that although I have much to bear like Matthew that he will give me rest and that he can carry my burdens and I have to let him have it all and lay it at his feet. I did just that and finally was able to sleep decently last night and today I feel much lighter like his promise said to me. I know a lot of people are going through job loss and change, finances, and so much more, so next time you are worn out and tire of it all...remember this verse and remember Jesus will carry you through and he will restore you. It will not happen over night but he will walk you through in the mean time and lean on his strength, hang onto faith, and take one thing at a time! I have faith that the good Lord Jesus will work it out in HIS time... :)

"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I shall give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

Here is my card I made to give a friend who needs this reminder as well. I used a plum color cardstock with a printed pattern of butterflies and flowers that was my last print in a 6x6 book...which I love! (DCWC addict!) and then pasted on the cardstock which is an A2 size by the way...and then use self adhesive ribbons two different kinds and put them side by side and the printed off the digi and cut it to size to fit the card and used my rounder punch to snip the corners to make it a little fancy...hehe..and then put some self adhesive embellies on it...I was able to put a butterfly on it found another sheet of butterflies!! (I thought I was out and found this boy did this make me happy two more sticker sheets but I need to go shopping again used the popped up dots to make the digi stand out more...very simple card but cute!

Thanks for stopping by my blog once again and I hope you have a wonderful week coming up and a great Sunday! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

SST First Ever New Release Blog Hop - Aug 20th

Hello Friends!!

Welcome to my blog and I am excited today I am in a Hop again and I am using one of their digital stamps for my project that is below...they have some cute stuff! But you know me I am a girly kind of check out the rules and make sure you give us some bloggy love!! :) I had a trying time this week...kept running out of stuff..including my butterflies...GASP...time to go I hope you enjoy the cards... :)

Welcome to Sweet Stamping Treats First Ever New Release Blog Hop! We are so happy you are here. If you are coming from Dena you’re on the right track. If you just joined us, you can go back to the beginning and hop along with us.

This hop is all about the new releases at Sweet Stamping Treats. The DT and some fun friends have put together some awesome projects using SST's new digi stamps. And there are prizes! One lucky winner who comments on the SST Blog will get to choose 3 stamps from the new release. Plus there are 3 more chances to win 1 stamp of your choice from the new releases hidden in some of the blogs on the hop! All you have to do hop along and leave comments. You must be a follower of SST and the blog where the winner is hidden to win a stamp, some make sure you comment!

I used the swirly flower stamp...I loved it!

Here is my first card: it is a sympathy card.

I used my lilac cardstock, I cut out the digi stamp to cut the leaves and the center out only...then the other to use on the card...I colored them with my water color pencils. Then I used popped up dots for the first one then I put the other one that I took cuts off and then to make it look realistic and pasted the leaves and the center...then the center got stickled after i popped dot it and then put on one of my sentiments I wanted on it and then embellish the heart with a sticky heart gem and voila! is pretty simple...

Here is my second card using the same stamp: it is a encouragement card.

With this card again I used my lilac cardstock...then I p dotted the digi stamp after I cut it out and colored with my water color pencils..then stickled the middle and bent the leaves a little then I put it on a left over doily I cut up since I ran out of lace ribbon..*need to get some*..hehe...then I cut up another darker purple cards and used that as a based for my sentiment (Verve) then popped dot it then sticked it on and voila...again another simple card.

Your next stop is Jenn.

Just in case you get lost here is the entire line up:


Lawern -

Ashley -

Janet -

Amber -

Susan -

Maria -

Gina -

Dena -

Kari - YOU are HERE

Jenn -

Tami -

Lynda -

Mistyrose -

Jamie -

Amy -

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you are having a great time hopping...and enjoy all the DTs and their projects....just don't forget to leave a comment and have a blessed weekend my friends! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest Designer - August 16th

Hello Friends!

Nice to see you are here again...thanks for stopping by my blog and today I have several news before we get to the Guest Designer Tuesday...first off I will be in several hops the next several make sure to stop by and check it out! I have one coming up on the 20th and the 22nd for this month...already had several in the last few weeks and you can check the archives...

Then starting September I will be doing a Faith Verse Series with new and old guest designers that will use their favorite scripture; each I will post one and they will give their favorite verse and tell why and then make a project using that verse in it. I am very excited about this and God has been laying this on my heart for a while so I am going to put in action. Hope you stop by and check it out and their amazing stories.

Now off to my Guest Designer: Jen Roseman and her blog Memories with Jen...she is a talented designer and she also has a blog she shares with another friend of mine...Kimmarie and it is called the Scrappin Chics make sure you stop by and give them bloggy love.

Down below is her project: She did a cute summer LO...

I had a niece that graduated from High School and I made an album for her and so this is one of my LO from that album...isn't she pretty! :) So proud of her and thanks for coming by to check out my guest design for Kari...Jen

What an awesome job she did and the colors are so pretty! Summer went by too fast for me been very busy and new endeavors has begun and it has been one thing after you all had a fantastic summer and being prepared to gear up for another school year...I hope you enjoyed her project and thanks again for stopping by and don't forget the bloggy love and all... :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Surprise Party for Deborah Aug 14th

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog...and I am in a Surprise Birthday Hop for Deborah Foti that was planned by another group of us to well "Surprise"!!! ...hehe...I think she will't wait to see her reaction! :) love throwing surprise parties! :)

Now below is the rule for the hop and I don't want you to lose out and so relax and enjoy the hop and have fun!! :) Don't forget to give out some bloggy love and birthday wishes to Deborah!! :)

If you came from then you are in the right place and if you just happened to stop by my blog start at the beginning...thanks. Have fun hopping! :)

Welcome to the Happy Birthday Deborah!!! SURPRISE Blog Hop! Today is Deborah from Scrapping Mammas Birthday! Some of her awesome friends have decided to have a BIG SURPRISE BIRTHDAY HOP since we can't all be in the same place for a SURPRISE party! This is the next best thing!

This blog hop is a one day blog hop to wish a very special woman (fellow crafter) a very special Happy Birthday. So Happy Birthday Deborah (aka Scrapping Mama).
If you are coming from Julie you’re on the right track. If you just joined us, you can go back to the beginning HERE (insert: )

and hop along with us.We’ve had so much fun creating this hop, and keeping it a secret from Deborah. Which wasn't easy! You will visit some amazing bloggers who want to wish Deborah the Happiest Birthday EVER! We've each created a card or something extra special JUST for her!You will see some lovely projects and even have a chance to win some blog candy.

Now Let's get this party started!!

Here is a list of the complete lineup for this hop:


Cheryl @

Julie @


Shawnee @

Amber @

Kristy @



Jamie @

Lisa C @

Jenny @

Gina @

Ashley @

Janet @

Kimmarie @

Lisa P @

Lynne @

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Here is my creation:

The Recipe:
I thought it would be fun to put a few things I knew a Deborah and what she liked along with a few birthday wishes on it...she loves brown, pink, dragonflies, and flowers...I used a pink cardstock as my base of the card and I used the fave things she liked in my card most as embellishments and I used brown ink pad to ink it up a then the brown card stock I used my 1 inch puncher and punched 6 of em' and then the choc ribbon and stapled the few to make it different instead of a bow and voila! Happy Birthday!

Hope you like the card and be inspired to make someone's birthday special!! :)
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget the bloggy love and all...hehe...and definitely don't forget to wish Deborah a Happy Birtthday!! :)

Remember your next stop is my friend Shawnee ! thanks for stopping by and enjoy the party! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Robert's Arts and Craft Blog Hop - DT Intro

Hello Friends!! :)

This is a formal introduction to let everyone know I am a DT for Robert's Arts and Craft. Please check out their blog and check out all the amazing designers we have and I am in awe of the talent that I am with ... They have an awesome store so make sure you stop by and give them some love and check out their merchandise very nice prices too and I brought something I will show as my design next month since this month is already done...can't wait to do that.

MY name is Kari Sanchez. I am a single-mom of two boys Steven, 26 who is a waiter and a senior in college who will graduate soon. Then Josh, 17 who is a senior in High School and a true jock at heart and football is his first love! We all love football!..and yep I am a crazy football fan...hehe. I am also a student and studying to be a pastor and love to craft and I have been crafting for a long long long time...hehe...but I wasn't always a cardmaker and scrapper till about 7 years ago which was introuduced to me by a Stamping Up consultant. Fell in love!! and never looked back...I call my crafting a de-stressor and gift-giving fun!!! I love to give to people and charities when I can and I love scrapping my children for memories keeper. I also love Faithbooking as well. I hope you will be inspired to create and try something new if you don't have a hobby or need to de-stress your life...hehe...I know it helps me!

Well enough about me and I hope you enjoy the blog and I had my first design last week and I made and it is a tag...and the tags are available in the Robert's Arts and Craft Store and in packages... check it out!

I wanted to make something groovy for a teenager for her bookmarker but she also liked flowers and funky so that is what I did...inked it with orange stamp pad and added butterfly too! voila! :) I think I will make another one with peace sign on it and she will get

Well I hope you like the project and thanks for stopping by and have a blessed weekend! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Craft with Kristal Andrew stamps... :)

Hello Friends!

Thanks for stopping by my has been a crazy few days and my cat lived!!! amazing and he was so loved and wasn't his time yet...I was able to bring him home today and was so happy and everyone missed him rotten! :)

I promised the other day I would show the other stuff I made for app on DT and didn't get the chance to do so but my kitty was first and I am okay with time Kristal!!

I made a simple card for a friend and just knew KA stamp "smile" was perfect! and I used a bluecardstock with bubble print paper cut to size to put on top of it then embellished with blue rickrack ribbon and punched two scalloped circles and stamped the "smile" on the 1 inch circle punch and popped it with popdot...and voila! very simple but love it!

I made this tag for a friend of mine for her birthday and thought she could use it however she wanted too...probably knowing her it will be set

I used a tag die cut from sizzix and then inked it up with purple and used some of Shannon Leffew Keith's flowers then stamped with KA stamp "You control your own destiny" that I have and then use a couple of butterflies and ribbons on it and oh yea some self adhesive chocolate gems from CTMH and voila!...hehe it is done again very simple and of course my favorite color had to be used! lol... :)

I hope you enjoyed my creations and be inspired and as always thanks for stopping by and have a great evening! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest Designer Tuesday....August 9th

Hello Friends!!

Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer before school starts again and fall activities kick sure has flown by and I am not sure what I did yet...hehe...been a busy season for sure...

I am thrilled to have another talented guest designer this week and her name is Kerry Turner from Momma K Crafts and please give her some bloggy love on her site and mine on comments below...she did something cute and recorded her vacation....Check it out below...She will show us her LOs from a "road trip" she went on...pretty cool! :)

What a wonderful job Kerry did and don't you think her LOs is awesome and it inspires me to capture my "road trips"...I hope it inspires you as well and come back next Tuesday for my next guest designer.

Thanks for stopping by as always and have a blessed week!

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Robert's Arts and Craft Project

Hello Friends!!

Nice to see you all again...and great news my furbaby is fine and coming home tomorrow! yay!! :) Praise God that he had a good vet! :) Now for another exciting news this project I am showing today is my first post as a NEW DT member of Robert's Arts and Craft!! wooohooo!! And they have an awesome store so check it out!!!! I love their products and they are very good prices too...and you can get there by my sidebar with the button I have as a member of the Design Team and I am thrilled to be with a talented group!

So without further ado: here is my retro tag that I made for a teenager who is going through a hard time right now and is a member in my church...she loves Retro! So I thought I used the tag and made a template off the patterned paper and cut it to size to fit the tag...inked it up with my Orange stamp pad (got to make it groovy!) then I used some flowers and rick rack on it for embellishments then put some funky ribbons and threads...and she can use it as a bookmarker for upcoming school year...I think she will like it! :)

Here is the tag look like plain:

Here is the finished project:

Hope you liked it and be inspired to make some for your kids or family! :)

Thanks for stopping by as always are special to me and have a blessed day! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Friday, August 5, 2011

CrazyAbout Cricut Thursday Challenge!

Hello Friends!

How are we all doing? ..the humidity is horrible here and I am staying inside...I was going to enter in Kristal Andrews Design Team but I didn't have time to post it because of emergency furbaby situation...we are having to say good bye to a family member soon and it is really difficult so thank goodness crafting helps my heart a I decided to enter the Crazy About Cricut Challenge to make a bookmarker of some kind so I did! Do you want to see it?...giggles...check out below... :)

I decided to do something different and used a paint chip card from those you get at a store when you want to see what color paint you would like to get and all...I had a bunch of them and thought: Why not? an idea was original design! :)

I just embellished it up with flowers and self stick gems and a dragon fly stick on and then Kristal Andrews stamp...'My Life is so much better with you in it' and it came from her Positive Thinking set...I highly recommend her stamps...these are my absolute fave right now...I just love using them...I have her button on my sidebar that will take you to her site and send her some bloggy love! :)

I will show you two more things I made for her DT call that didn't get to make it this time around but I will try again later... :)

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Designer for Love to Crop Aug 4th, 2011

Hello Friends!!

How are we all today? Sorry I have not been on here the last couple of days it seems blogger is having issues I am so excited I am a guest designer for my good friend Amy on Love to Crop and I was in the mood for fall! think it is obvious I am tired of the heat and humid weather hopefully the rain will eventually cool us down and not make us worst! Just make sure you stop by her blog and give her some bloggy love. I have the link below.

For those of you of who don't know me name is Kari Sanchez and I am a single mom of two wonderful boys who are smart and talented. My oldest Steven is in college (Marketing Mgr) and works too and Josh is my last and he is a Senior in High School (sniffles) but a jock at heart and a football player at heart and we love to watch football!! :) I am a full-time mom and student studying Pastoral. I have been crafting for over many many years and I love it is a great de-stressor for me and I love to do all kinds of things but cardmaking is dear to my heart but I love making LOs, tags and altered art. I also make jewelry and other kinds of stuff to give as gifts. I love helping people and showing my passion.I am big showing that I am a believer in Lord Jesus who is my Savior. I also love to cook and do things with my friends.

Well enough of me! Let's get to my project...I made a Fall Tag and my original design. Hope you like it! :)

I use the sizzix to make this tag, I inked it with my brown stamp pad that I had punched the one inch circle and inked that as well with my brown stamp pad, then I used a Rub-on pumpkin from my scraps that I had left over (really need to go shopping...(giggles) and then popped dot it but before I could do that I use the leaves I buy every year for fall...and glitter them up with my gold stickles...then I glued them to the tag and put the small circle on them and then I Stamped Ocotober and cut it out and paste it to brown cardstock and cut that out to match and then taped it to my tag. Then I put on some self adhesive gems color yellow (one of my fave embellishments) then put on some ribbon that I had and I also used a rope ribbon and voila! :)

Hope this inspires you and I am thinking of making a tag book with all the seasons and I will have to show that later when I get em' all done so make sure you stop back to check it out! and I will be posting more in the next few days although blogger is being mean to I am determined!! :)

Don't forget to stop by Love to Crop and check out my good friend Amy! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Memories in Tyme Birthday Blog Hop 8/2

Hello Friends!!

Thanks for dropping in and if you are here for my Guest Designer Tuesday just scroll down to the next post and check out Maria's crafty goodness...but if you are here for the Memories In Tyme Birthday Blog Hop you are in the right place...I am thrilled to be a part of this and thanks Lynda for letting me a part of your Birthday party...I wish you the most awesome blessed birthday ever!!! :) woot woot!!

Now ...I mean fans/followers just scroll down to listen to the rules and enjoy the ride of seeing all the Birthday goodness and enjoy stopping at hop and make sure you comment to win the Blog Candy and don't forget to give some love to all the me...giggles...thanks and bless your hearts and now unto the hop! :)
Thank you so much for coming to this Birthday Blog Hop!!! It's my birthday today...and my sisters in 10 days from today is all about birthday related stuff! If you started at my blog, please go back to the beginning at Lynda's blog at to be able to see all of the great talent on this hop. So, the line up for today is:

Lynda -
Anita -

Barbara Rosner -

Kimmarie -

Kari - here

Elsa -


Jen R--

Gina -

Amy -

Lori -

Margie -

Bobbi Jo -

Crafy Homemade -

Brynn –

Now for the best part... the blog candy... One lucky winner will get a $10 Visa gift card to use at any store of your choice. To be must

1. Be a follower of each of the people on the blog hop.

2. Leave a comment for each of the blogs on the hop.

That is it, very simple! Winner will be chosen from the comments made!

Thank you for being a part of this fun hop, and celebrating my birthday with me! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we had in making it! Make sure you check back this whole week - as we will be having even more birthday related stuff posted all week from Lynda, Anita and Barbara! I hope you check back often! There just might be another prize for the comments from 8/3 to 8/5!!!

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

Here is my Original design card I made for a friend who in fact has a birthday coming up! so perfect timing and Lynda you can pretend this is yours from ya! and the recipe follows the picture...hope you all like it! :)

I used my fave color purple! cardstock...punch the corners with the special puncher and then I used white cardstock and stamp the Happy Birthday sentiment that is in my Stamping Up collection and then I used self adhesive Gems that I had leftover and use them on the wind then I had my butterfly from the Amish country store that I go to out of town and then I cut the printed paper and I know it is not straight the dog gone trimmer broke on me a couple of weeks I am trying to best cut a straight line wasn't good enough. stick all the embellishments on that...hope you like the card! :)

Don't forget to give bloggy love and now you go to Elsa's blog. :)

Thanks for stopping by as always you are in my prayers and hugs to you all! :)
In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Guest Designer Tuesday - Aug 2nd

Hello Friends!!

What a fast summer this has been so far...I can't believe we are in August Hot days of summer! and it is HOT! I have not posted in several days thanks to busyness and a much needed break but here I am we have a wonderful guest designer my friend Maria Delgado...she is awesome and has great talent! Make sure you give her some bloggy love...she has a button but Blogger isn't letting me put it on and I have tried several times but I will

She has done some cool LOs and my son loves it ...he is a Gator fan!! woohoooo!!! :) We both love football so she has us in her it out below and thanks for stopping by...

Thanks again and much love to you and thanks for stalking

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

I love your comments and let me know what you think! :) hugs!

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