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Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank You Erin :)

Erin SpantastiKreations paid it forward to me and send me her baby Cricut and now I can't wait to go shopping next week to get some new tools, and excccciiiittteeeedddd! She even gave me a cover for pretty!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards

Went kind of crazy today...trying to use up old paper and I hate wasting money when I brought it but I admit that I am a paper addict...can't bear to use them but that is the point you enjoy these...right now I have to take pics on my cell phone due to the fact my digi cam battery compartment fried up...another thing to replace....but I will do that in due time...also want to mention that Erin gave me her baby Cricut and Pay it Forward to me and I am so excited (SMILE) and now I have to wait till next week to get carts but I am looking forward to that! love shopping...wish I could do it more often! ;)

Valentine Day Cards

Welcome to My Blog

Hey Stalkers, I mean um...Crafty friends! (giggles) I am so exxcciitteeeddddd! You couldn't tell could you! :) It is exciting time and I am so blessed with many friends that I wish I could mention them all but they know I been wanting to have a blog for some time and so here it is and WELCOME!

Right now I do simple card making with stamps, embossing tools, ink and the like...but soon I will have a Cricut and a Big Shot and expand my knowledge of card making and scrapping...which I LOVE!

Thanks for stopping by and check out my cards I made on Monday and I have a couple more that are really kinda more than these simple cards because I based on the recipient that receives them so my card(s) can range from simple to fancy. I will also do one Christmas card or project per enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shout out to some friends!

I wanted to thank and shout some friends who inspired and challenged me in my crafting journey and help me with positive and kind words....Marianne Smith of Paper or Fabric Crafter, Michelle Peaks - Holy Cricut, and last but not least Erin SpantastiKreations...they are awsome crafters and designers and have great stuff on their blogs ..go check them out, I promise you won't be sorry! Thanks gals and continue to inspire and keep up the great work! Now it is time for me to post some pics so we can get this blog on the road! :)

I love your comments and let me know what you think! :) hugs!

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