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Friday, March 30, 2012

Design Team Friday! Last post...and some other things...

Hello Friends! :) Welcome to my blog....

Today is the LAST post for the, drama and other things have taken a toll...that I can no longer deal with a DT ...they have made me laugh, cry and so proud!! :) I have asked them to step out of the box and they did and did it beautifully!!...I want to thank them all so personally....Andrea, Rachelle, Lynne, Kimberly, Tina, Lisa, Carolyn, Zenita, Jackie, Susan, and gals have mega talent and I pray you go forth and bloom and become a beautiful flower that you are all blessed! :) hugs (This was a voluntary post of the DT for the last one) Let's see what they did for Easter! :) My favorite season to celebrate our Risen Lord...may He bless you in your life! :)

Please give some love and don't forget to check out their blog by clicking their name...thanks!

Well Friends I hope you enjoyed the last post of my DT and I pray that you had an opportunity to check out their blog and see their crafty creations for all to see and share and inspire! :) Don't forget the love! :) Have a blessed day friends! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Creative Spaces Blog Hop...March 27, 2012

Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog! :)
I know it has been awhile since I posted ...been so busy cleaning and doing some online training for my continuing education of being a pastor/evangelist...but I will try to get back to it more but only a few times a week... today we are having a peek at my crafty space...only 6 feet of the wall...hehe...I really need a nice room someday...thanks for stopping by and yep I am the last stop...hehe...well check it out and let me know what you think... :) Warning picture heavy but fun! :)
Have your scrapping and paper crafts taken over an area of your home and that tiny cramped space is soooooo crowded there is barely room for you to sit let alone craft!!!! Oh my, have I hit the nail on the head --- oops, never mind there's no room even for a nail!!!! Us ingenious crafters always can find a space to craft and play with our paper and we're just going to do that and show you our craft space...

Now, don't call the show "Hoarders" on us because they will think we are going to be buried alive but we know better .... If you happened to stumble upon my blog today, I congratulate you that you found your way but would love for you to find your way to the door again --- see, its over there beyond that bag with the new papers and glue gun -- to the beginning of the hop which is Lynne's blog then You should have arrived from Colleen's blog showing of her space!!!!No, it doesn't get larger if you look at it through a magnifying glass!!!!

It is only 6 ft of wall space that I have to craft in my bedroom but at least I have a space...was cleaning it but find stuff and it is like oh my ....hmmm...what can I do with that? ...LOL....
Here is my rods on the wall to hold my punches that I have...don't have many yet but they do get used what I have...alot!! :)
First part of my what I call my stamping shelf....I really need another one this is getting overloaded.....
2nd part of my shelf with all the storage I used to store my stamps...and yep they take all of my shelves including the fact that I use storage baskets for my papers (the small ones and 6x6 are in this white one)
I finally found my stamps...hehe...and the envelopes so they are right where I can see them including my magazines and other storage boxes of scraps that I plan to put in a file one day....another job...sigh....
Here is a little table that hold my other stuff I don't have room for right now...I plan on getting a small shelf for this spot to hold my other "stuff"...see all my glues and paint and my empty candy jar and the envelopes I plan to make a mini out of....and yep that is a big ruler behind the mess! 
First part of my shelf that I have on my wall...these are all my former boyfriends and yep they still keep me my M&Ms...and you can see the scrapbbook albums and the top of the scrap ribbon basket that I have on the second shelf...which is the next pic you see of more paper and clutter...sigh...
The clutter see my 12x12 stacks and miscellaneous 12x12s...and other stuff I planned on using in my crafty that I had to store in boxes...stuff for the albums....sigh...never enough time...
More stuff that I have to store with out much room to put it all crafty angel watching guard over it all...hehe
Her is where my genius mind goes to work I mean...well it does take my brain to function to work to come up with these crafty there....yep messy but creative...hehe
Last but not least my latest boyfriend Harley is saying time to relax now ...we need our rest and some sleep! forgive the stupid vacuum cleaner decides not to cooperate which Harley kept me from destroying is a good thing otherwise I wouldn't have one at all...
Well I hope you enjoyed my room and the clutter and realize that the clutter is just a way of saying how crafty I am as well as you are not alone in the madness!! :)
Now, that you have seen my craft of clutter, I must send you on your way to oops oh no, watch that avalanche - oops, too late! I am the end of the hop and thanks for stopping by and make sure you give some love and what you like about it...have a blessed week friends! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Purplies Design Team Post for 3-19-12

Hello Friends!!  Welcome to my blog! :)

Today is my PurpleFuntastick Design Team day!! woohoo! and the assignment was to have something GREEN....hehe...even though St. Paddy's Day is over with all the sickness and stuff it hit my design team bad this past two weeks and life as was a late post but it is better to be late than never and you can always use it for next year! you get that I am sure but you will be amazed with what they came up with...I have decided to put both my Senior and Jr team together for awhile due to my busyness here goes! :) Sit back and enjoy always you can link on their name to go to there blog...thanks friends and don't forget the love!! :)

Sr. Team

Jr. Team

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to give the Love!!! and yep it is okay to be green!! hehe...have a blessed day friends! :)

In His Love, 
Be Inspired,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Charlie Brown and the Gang Blog Hop - 3/12/12

Hello Friends and Welcome to my blog! :)

Today we are celebrating my son's birthday and he turns the big "18" baby is now a young man...I can't believe it and time sure flies...I don't think I am ready as I thought...hehe...well I have to get through his graduation next lets see how I check it out below and what the hop is all about his favorite thing the Red Baron...hehe...he loved Snoopy and Scooby Doo since he was a baby...nice to know some things don't change and he has some good let's get this party started! :) woohooo! :)

Happy Birthday Josh and I love you!! :) 

Welcome to Charlie Brown and the Gang Blog Hop. Charlie Brown and his gang are out to play with us today whether it be baseball, holding the football or just hangin' out!!!! Don't forget that Snoopy has to get the Red Baron and not fall behind the enemy lines. Also, you may want to stop off at Lucy's booth to have a second opinion!!!

There are so many characters to depict here and we all have our favorites!!!! With this in mind, we will be setting up scenes whether it be a lay-out, card, decorative piece but rest assured, you will be seeing Charles Schultz characters being showcased!!!!!

Now, if you just happened to be visiting me, I'm thrilled and glad to show you my project BUT I would love for you to start at the beginning of our story and that is with Kari at  Hehehe that is me!! so you are starting off well... you are on the correct base on the baseball field!!!

Here is the full line-up in case you get lost....snoopy left his tracks for ya....
  1. Kari -
  2. Susan -
  3. Amy -   Miss Amy is having problems with her blog so check back later
  4. Christel -
  5. Lisa -
  6. Shannon -
  7. Tami-
  8. Kimberly ~
  9. Colleen -
  10. Vicki -
  11. Lynne -
  12. Edwina-
  13. Anita ~

We have a terrific All-Star group of sponsors:
  • Lynne Kirsch - chipboard figures of Charlie Brown and the Gang
  • Shannon Leffew Keith at

    She will be giving away some beautiful flowers!! :)

    Here is my project and I made my son a special card and journal...he was looking at all the journals I been making for the kids I was making them for the children's hospital and sick kids at church and was hinting that he really liked I got the hint and he got his own journal to doodle in even at 18!! hehe....recipe below both pics...hope you enjoy! :)

The card was made with a blue cardstock that was in my stash and I made it A2 and snipped the corners with my corner rounder...then I did the same with the background with the yellow printed paper also from my stash and then I printed off a Snoopy color page and printed it to size to fit the card and then I used my chalk blue for the cloudy color in background and then everything else was done with my water color pencils and blender...then I taped it to the printed paper then I used my smash tape I had and pleated it across Snoopy's doghouse and then I stamped "Birthday Wishes: and cut it out and taped it to that ribbon and voila!

The Journal was pretty simple...used a Composition book for $1 and then printed off another coloring page (my son just loves Snoopy and the Red Baron!) and then I used my water color pencils and blender on that and use the blue chalk for the background to make it a sky and then I modge podge it to the notebook cover and used my shimmer Modge Podge for fun and then I stamped all of the letters for Josh's name and then cut it out and glued it down and voila! :)

Snoopy sure is fun to play with....hope you have fun being with him as well...don't forget the bloggy love and birthday wishes for Josh !

Your next stop with Charlie Brown and the Gang is Susan -

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget the birthday wishes for my boy Josh and thanks for the love of just checking out the fun! :) Be blessed! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PurpleFuntastick Creations Guest Designer - Tues March 6th, 2012

Hello Friends and Welcome to my blog! :)

Today is my PurpleFuntastick guest designer day!! woohoo! :) I love to see what my guests love to do...and today I have the wonderfully talented Carolyn Phillips from  and today she did a beautiful LO...makes me want to see flowers and well I am ready for Spring...getting tired of the germs going around...sigh...but with this LO it gives me hope yet!! :)

Now Carolyn take it away....

I love Spring, and Spring flowers are my favourites. Snowdrops in particular always lift my mood, they are such harbingers of hope. I took these photos and wrote the accompanying poem last Spring but have only just scrapped it. For the LO I used 6x4 photographs, something I seem to be doing more and more. Because they are the words took up so much space I decided to keep everything else quite simple, so I used a green base layer, edged with white ink, a piece of BG paper down one side, and a contrasting green to offset mat the photos. I then took three pieces of chipboard, painted them white. Watched the paint dry which was – like watching paint dry. Got fed up and used a heat gun! I stamped the green flower on each with olive stazon and then edged with moss distress ink.
The words for the poem are:
In the depths nothing stirs.
Cold, dark, impenetrable.
Buried asleep; dead maybe.
Entombed by hard soil.
No light. No sound. No warmth.
Numb now, even to despair.
Alone, ignored, forgotten.
Deep where no one cares.

Where none could reach, One did.
A spark of life, one single breath.
The soil now enriched, an earthy womb.
Shielded, protected by loam.
Not fighting, pushing, hard or harsh.
The shoot uncurls and finds a way.
Winding though the darkness.
Growth imperceptible.
Past stone, past soil, past mud and mulch.
Following Light’s beckoning call.
Not knowing where, or why, or how.
Irresistibly drawn.
A shoot, a stem, a leaf, a bud.
Surrounded by winter, named for cold.
Fragility’s strong pure flowers.
Messenger of Grace.
Carolyn Phillips

Thanks friends as always for stopping by....and have a blessed week! :) hugs

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

Monday, March 5, 2012

3/5/2012 Pink Buttons and Bows Card Blog Hop

Hello Friends and Welcome to my blog! :)

I am in a hop with my dear sister and friend Lynne Kirsch who is celebrating her granddaughter Lily's birthday and the only requirement was of course the title of the is a cutie!! :) Thanks Lynne for letting me celebrate with you on your granddaughter's birthday...
Welcome to our blog hop today!!! Its my granddaughter, Lily's first birthday and what better way to celebrate it with a little help from my friends and having a party! A beautiful baby girl with all pink buttons and bows thus we will be celebrating first birthdays using the color theme pink with a dash of buttons and bows not to mention a splash of bling.

Sit back, grap a cupcake and punch and enjoy Lily's first birthday. If you just happened upon my blog by mistake, I want you to get your big girl shoes and panties on and start at the beginning which is Lynne at SEW, if you came from Susan's blog then you are in the right place.

For our blog candy, it is going to be a pink package with buttons and bows of course with a bit of splash of bling and Stickles by becoming eligible with just leaving a comment on each baby step along the way and becoming a new follower if you sew desire!! How easy is that!!!!

Well here is my card I made for Lily...even though she is a wee one at age one...I can imagine how cute she will be when she gets a little bigger...hehe...enjoy and recipe below...Happy Birthday Lily!! :)

My recipe was pretty easy I use a pink cardstock that is kinda looking like it had water added to the pink and then I used a polka dotted paper and cut that to fit the card and then added 4 pink buttons on the corners and then use a stamp for the little girl from my Stamps of  Life set that I have and then I cut it out and then I used my water color pencils to color her up..of course in Pink! and I used a bow that I had in my stash and put it at the neck it is white but you can still see it though to make her dress perty!!! and then added some stickers of treats I am sure she would like....and voila that simple! :)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy First Birthday Lily! Your next stop along the way and now onto Erin's blog.  Thanks and don't forget the Pink love! hehe...

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

I love your comments and let me know what you think! :) hugs!

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