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Monday, April 4, 2011

Sorry about not Posting as planned

Was sickie over the whole weekend and it is not better as I have hoped and then I ran out of tape runner and was planning to go to the store today and then the storm and I just didn't want to fool with I will be posting in a few days. :)

Please tune in a few days because tomorrow I have an ENT appt to see if we can kick this problem in the butt!...I am for one am so ready for Spring and getting out of the has been a long winter!

And I have not forgotten the Grand Prize drawing and will do that as soon as I can since I still have not gotten all the names in yet...there was over 40! WOW!!!!
Thanks so much for your support and the positive feedback!

I have posted a schedule that I planned to stick to but I need to tweak it some I will update that again and then you can see what I am doing each day!
Thanks for Stopping by...and blessings to you! :)

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