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Thursday, April 19, 2012

PurpleFuntastick Creations Guest Designer - Thursday 19, 2012

Hello Friends and Welcome to my blog! :)

Today I have a wonderful friend and guest designer Rachelle Larsen who made something as my Purplie when I had a design team.  I loved it so much that I asked her to be my guest to teach us all how she made this darling mini album! :) whoop whoop! :) Can't you tell that I excited! :) Please make sure you go to Rachelle's blog and give her some love there as well as here today! :) hugs  Now check it out below! :)
Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday!!

Today I am honored to be a guest designer for Kari~over at Purple Funtastick Creations

Kari asked me to share a recent Mini Album that I made that she just loves and wanted me to share with everyone how I made it..I hope you all love it too..

(Not sure why this is showing up blurry because the original pic doesn't do this...sorry)

(2nd part of the album below)
First of all~I found this tutorial while cruising you tube one night and so to give credit where credit is due..Here is the link for the mini album..

Tag Book With Dawn


2 pieced of card stock cut at 6x6

Place a sticky strip along one side of each piece of paper.

Accordion piece cut at 4x6 and scored at every 1/2"

Cut 9 tags at 4x2 (2 coordinating colors)

Cut tags angels on 1 and then line the rest up to cut them, this

will help them all match.

Please watch the video to explain how to put the tags in your mini album.


For My Mini Album

I used SEI Chocolate Cherie for the outside of the book

For my Outside Frame I used my new Elegant Edges Cartridge-I love this cart! It

has so many amazing frames to use. I also used it to cut out my frames for inside.

My outside frame is cut twice and it is cut at 4.75

Love Sentiment is on the Sweetheart Cartridge cut at 2.50

Ribbon from my Stash


Thank You for stopping by,

Isn't this lovely! I want to make one and have it on my mini albums...thanks for stopping by friends and as always be blessed! have a wonderful day and don't forget the love! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,


HeatherLynn said...

ohhh that's a very cute mini!! :) happy to be following your blog, too!

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