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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Faith Verse Monday! Oct 3rd, 2011

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Hello Friends!

What a beautiful day here in Ohio! :) yay! love pretty....and Welcome to my blog! :) I have a very talented designer today Carolyn Phillips at
was suppose to have her up Friday and my computer crashed and my mouse it had to wait so I can do her make sure you give her some bloggy love! and here as well too.

I have chosen this verse from Psalm 139, a long time favourite psalm (like many of them) as my verse for this week. “You hem me in behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.” (Psalm 139:5) Visitors to my blog will have seen several projects over this last year that remind me of, or celebrate the fact that I am not alone, that God is always with me. It is a promise that has sustained me and strengthened me. This last few weeks have been especially hard in so many ways, and once again when I have turned to God for help He has graciously and gently reminded me that He is not only with me, but surrounds me. He walks before me to prepare the way and guide me; He is beside me to strengthen and support me; He is my rearguard to guard and protect me. I am hemmed in on all sides by God's presence. Not only that, but he has laid his hand upon me, his hand takes the weight of the burdens that I can't carry by myself. My God is more than able. We have decisions about my daughter's post 16 education, and having special needs it is not straight forward; she has been ill yet again and missed too much school this last three weeks; there are health and family issues for others of us, stress and depression, and yet below all of it, there is solid ground – My God is with me. My God is able. I am surrounded, hemmed in, by the presence of God.

For this project I started with a box canvass and covered the majority of it with torn dictionary pages. I then added green and blue paint with the side of an old plastic card and let it dry. I used the hems from an old cut pair of jeans to 'hem in' the piece at the bottom and top, (behind and before) and added the flowers. I cut an ATC sized piece from cream card and used individual letter stamps to add the text, embellishing with fake stitching lines and tiny screw top fasteners before glueing down. I intend to hang it on the wall alongside other canvasses I have done to remind me of important truths.

Wow! Thanks so much Carolyn! :) Thanks you all for stopping by my blog! :) have a wonderfully blessed day! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

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