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Friday, October 14, 2011

Link for Pink - October 14, 2011

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog! :) Today I did something to bring out notice to Cancer awareness and I know we all have at least be affected by it whether we know someone close to us or friends, that was diagnose with Cancer... I personally have family history that several relatives died of cancer of many different forms. My beloved grandmother on my Dad's side died of breast cancer. So this is special to me to bring awareness to. I am a guest designer as Pink Link for Lynne at Her Craftiness today with this special card and a surprise!

I have been looking at all the cards made lately...and I am amazed at the talent!! one of the crafters I believe it was Theresa at The Scrapping Queen and I got to thinking ...what a great idea!! there are so many people who help people with cancer: love ones, friends, nurses and doctors and the like...and I know family especially feel left out when the one who is sick gets all the I thought hmmm....I need to make a card for that! and so I made a very simple one using the Karen Foster Cancer Scrapbooking Kit I got from Robert's Arts and Crafts and I love it...made several cards with it already and I plan to make a special LO later too.

Here is my card:

I love the stickers that came with the kit and so I used two of them for this card...first off I used white cardstock and then inked (brown stamp pad) the edges of the card (A2 size) then I cut the printed paper to fit and pasted and then I used a scalloped punch and inked that with brown ink too to give it an edgy look...then put the one sticker on it and then I popped dot the whole thing to the card. Then I embellished with a ribbon and put the other sticker which I embossed with silver on "My Hero" and cut it to stick to a litty itty bitty cardstock to fit the sticker and oh yea...stickled the ribbon pink but it barely shows here but you gotta know...hehe..and then tied it with the ribbon and made a bow out of it...then I stick some heart gems to that and then I sticked some self adhesive chocolate gems to the corner to give it dimension.

I love the printed paper gave me many color choices to play with and not just pink! :)

While I was fooling around with this it made me think how you have to wait sometimes at hospital and doctor visits. And I usually have my bible or book with me to kill time when I know I am going to be awhile myself. So I thought how about a bookmarker!!
This bookmarker was made with a paint chip in pink and red samples...hehe...I get these free from friends who work in the paint business and I don't promote taking them without permission.

This is not a great pic but you get the idea...I mostly embellished with an I-rock tool I got from my dear friend Susan Bermudez she gave me for my birthday....and I used the stickers (from the Karen Foster kit) for HOPE and then embellished with gems and flowers and fiber pretty!
Hope this inspired you today to think of those who needs encouragement and love! thanks for stopping by and be bless! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

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quietjournals said...

love the idea of recognition for those on the sidelines....awesome!

Bestrass said...

I found a very nice website call which provide plenty of scrap-booking.

I love your comments and let me know what you think! :) hugs!

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