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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Single Mom's Faith Post - Sept. 29th

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog! Lately it has been laid on my heart to do this series of posts and I want to explain a bit before doing the faith post below...first off I am a single mom and have been since 1986 when I separated from my now ex-husband. Been divorce since 2000. It was a rough and very difficult marriage. I for one would have loved for it to have worked out and it was not meant to be. Sometimes things in life don't go as planned...hence what I have learned and want to share with you on my spiritual journey since my split and as a single mom. Thanks for coming along on the ride!

Today's verse means a lot to me: (emphasis mine)

Psalm 31:24
Be STRONG and take HEART all of you who HOPE in the Lord.

When we are not in the position to go where we want to, but sometimes it is chosen for us that we have to walk the path that is set before us....that is not an easy thing to do. Us woman like to be validated and loved. The men in our lives have not choose to do that but go after their own ends and that makes it sad and heartbreaking for us but to go alone on the road called life. As we walk that path...we are not alone...God is there and he knows the heartbreak and the problems that are ahead of us and he knows the choices we make are not easy but are done at the time we do them...some we made were done not so wise and foolish, but also some we felt that we had no choice but to do as well the choice is made for us at times beyond our control. This is where this scripture is comforting to me where I know when I falter that my Father in heaven is leading me, guiding me and walking with me to the less traveled road that I have his heart and I am strong and victorious and I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS have HOPE in Him....that is something we tend to lose sight of on this road called life...

We tend to think because we have to take care of everything ourselves that we have to do it all and be in control...with our money, how we care for our children, and the problems we all have to deal with that comes along with this territory called single parenting sometimes by choice and other not by choice. It is not an easy road and it difficult and some, well I will admit most don't understand our choices we make. It gets lonely in what we do as single parents. We MISSED being with someone and yet we wouldn't take the old baggage for anything. We want our children love and protected and even at the cost of not telling the ex where we live. Jesus knew about this because he encountered many widows, divorcees, and mothers in his ministry while he was on this earth. My favorite story is about the Samaritan Woman who was at the well WHEN Jesus HAD to go through Samaria and have this amazing encounter that changed her life...she spread the gospel of Jesus to show the world that he loves us in all our conditions whether we are divorced, single mom or widowed. (There will be more on this in later posts) The love that is there for us is for us to hold on to forever! We are loved and special in his eyes! How amazing is that! How much hope we have in him to keep walking the path that is set before us each day...we just have to let him have our lives and our problems and the junk we deal with each day and lay it at his feet and leave them there and let go of that control that tries to make a mess out of us and our lives...we have courage and strength and hope and love to do it ....we just have to be willing to let go...are you ready to do that as you walk on your journey? Even when things go against us how we are going to get food, or pay the bill, or get gas in our car and the like...he is our Source and Light! so my friends I ask again...who do you trust and let lead you in your life?

You will feel peace, strength and hope to take on another day when all else fails and that Jesus will get you through no matter the struggle, doubts and fears....he is the light that shines bright out of the darkness. May he guide your heart, mind and soul today.

Here is my card I made with my favorite verse I was able to buy from Verve (one of my favorite stamps company!) :0 I planned on giving this to another single mom who needs encouragement.

The Recipe is as follow: I used light/off red cardstock (SU) and I stamped my verse on a punched out scalloped square and use my pink ink pad from Marvy Uchida and then I chalked the edges with pink again to soften it up then popped dot it (my favorite thing to do...hehe) and then I used a button out my button pack I got from my friend Amy Lewis and put a ribbon thru it to make it perty...and then I popped dot it also, then I used my butterfly punch and used Pink cardstock that I had, not sure of brand, then I stickled it and then put Hero Arts lime green self adhesive gems on the body of it to pop it up a bit and then pop dot it also to make it looking it is taking wings! then I use two different ribbons...the rose ribbon I brought on clearance from Wal-mart for 50 cents (yep a good deal! :) then I stickled between ribbons to bling it up and then I used a pink ribbon I won in a prize pack which makes it so perty! :) and voila!

Next week's post will be about church and how to feel belong.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get inspired to help a friend or a single mom you know that could use some encouragement today! :)
In His Love,
Be Inspired,

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SueNJ said...

I have tears in my eyes remembering the hardships of a failed marriage and single parenthood. I was blessed with the support if my parents but did not have that close relationship with my Lord and Savior. I am grateful for that relationship now and the peace that goes with it. Thank you for this amazing reminder of where to put my trust.

Be blessed,

Sue B

I love your comments and let me know what you think! :) hugs!

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