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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PurpleFuntastick Creations Guest Designer - Tues Feb.28th, 2012

Hello Friends and Welcome to my Blog! :)

Today I have a wonderful and talented Lisa Woodward who is also on my DT she is so wonderful and I think you will enjoy her project today as my wonderful guest!! Don't forget to give her the love and check out her blog here: -

She made this wonderful telescoping card and I have never heard of it let alone make one...but I have it on my list of things to try now!! WOW!!  check it out below...
I am so pleased to be a Guest Designer today for my dear friend and Queen Purplie, Kari Sanchez on her Purple Funtastic Creations page.  Today, I am going to instruct you on how I made this beautiful telescoping card. 
All of the papers used are from a great little find…The Girlie Paperie, Vintage Floral.  (Recipe continues below! )
 I used Lacey Labels to cut 3 lacy circles, in 6”, 5 ½” and 5”.  For a telescoping card, it is important for the sizes to only be a little bit apart.  I cut a second 6” circle in a complimentary patter and cut it in half.  When adhered to the largest circle, this becomes the pocket for the message tag.  I love message tags.  Very often I receive a beautiful card, only to tuck it in a drawer because I don’t want others to read the personal message from the sender.  I have found that using message tags is a great way to allow the card to be displayed while keeping the message private.  The message tag was cut using George Shapes set on 4”.  I lined the pocket with Pearlescent paper trimmed with my Martha Stewart Lace Border Punch.  The ledger style paper also came with The Girlie Paperie, Vintage Floral.  The birdcage and the vines were cut from the Bloom cartridge.  The 3-D roses, flowers and leaves were made using my FAAAAVORITE flower die…Spellbinders Rose Creations by Donna Salazar.  This die is so versatile, depending on how loose or tight your fold and the types of paper used. 
On a telescoping card, you want to design and put together each layer individually and then join them.  You want to try to contain your design on your paper (not oozing out of the edges) so the card has a very neat and tidy look when closed.  On the bottom layer, I attached my pocket by running a dot runner along the very edge of the half circle.  Everything else was adhered using my Xyron Sticker Maker.
On the second layer, I enlarged a bird diecut from KC&Company and reprinted onto heavyweight white cardstock.  I found a vellum sentiment that, surprisingly, went along with my pre-defined bird theme.  There is a lot to do about how to properly adhere vellum so the adhesive doesn’t show thru.  I have even purchased specialty vellum adhesives, only to find out that adhesive applied to the entirety of the back with my Xyron works fantastically.  I adhered more flowers made using the Spellbinders die.
I cut a 2” circle using my Sizzix Circle Die and Big Kick.  I then pressure embossed “Thinking of you” and used my Tim Holts Distress Ink in Tea Dye to make the embossing stand out and distress the cream stock.  The outer frame was also cut using Lacy Labels and adhered with 3-D Foam Squares.  I laminated these two items with my Your Story machine, as this is where the pull/hanger would be attached.  Once you have your 3 layers completed, take large brads and attach the layers together.  In order to get the correct effect, lay the top and bottom layer where the design in towards you, and the middle layer away from you.  You will use a small punch and brad to attach the bottom of the top layer to the top of the middle layer and bottom of the middle layer to the top of the bottom layer.  Use the last brad at the top of the top layer and attach a pull ribbon.  You MUST use brads to complete the connection process.  You need to have the freedom they allow in the swinging and closing process.  Once it’s completed, position it closed and pull open to make sure everything hangs in the correct manner. 
I hope you have enjoyed how to make this beautiful telescoping card.  Many thanks to Kari for having me today.
Until next time-Happy Crafting
Lisa Woodward

Wow...isn't that amazing or what???? I got to make one of these...and thanks so much Lisa for being my guest today! :) 

In His Love,
Be Inspired,


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