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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PurpleFuntastick Creations Guest Designer - Tuesday Jan. 17, 2012

Hello Friends and Welcome to my Blog! :) 

Today is PurpleFuntastick Guest Designer day! and today we have talented Carolyn Phillips....she has an awesome project and her blog is ..... check it out! :)

Carolyn take it away....

I am really pleased to have the opportunity to be guest designer for my friend Kari today, pleased for so many reasons; I am excited at her plans for this coming year and thrilled at the opportunity to be part of them; I love her new year theme this month, it always excites me; I have plans of my own for the year and this project is another step towards them…lots of reasons.

I love New Year because of the thrill of the blank slate, new possibilities, plans and dreams. This time of year is full of hope and adventure. No matter what happened last year or the year before, this year, today, can be different. The rest of our life is waiting. My own plans for the year include pushing at my boundaries, doing new things or old things in new ways. I wanted my project to reflect that so I turned to my felting, and for design started with a sunburst, a symbol of a new day dawning. Then I added in some new things, I used small wool nepps in the background which I have had sitting waiting to be used for ages and never touched, and I experimented with ways to add some dimension to the foreground. As it developed, esp once it started to felt together, I decided it was more like a blooming flower than a sunburst, but the same symbolism can be read there so it doesn’t matter. (And I like projects that start one way and finish another, when they take a life of their own they always seem to come out better!)

I want to encourage you at the start of the New Year to push yourself. Whatever form your creativity takes, and I strongly believe we are ALL creative in some way, try something new. Take a step forward, and then another one. See where you can go. It doesn’t matter what the result it, the adventure is in the trying.

God bless,

Wow...what an awesome project and thanks Carolyn for all your support! and you are correct sometimes when it starts it isn't what you always have in mind or mistakes are made and well you sometimes have to adapt and sometime it is for the better! :) as always friends thanks for stopping by and come back again and have a blessed day! :)
In His Love,
Be Inspired,

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Her Craftiness (Lynne) said...

Phenomenial work Carolyn --- my fingers are just aching looking at your project!!!
Great being part of Kari's team with you!
Hugs and Love,

I love your comments and let me know what you think! :) hugs!

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