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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello Friends!!

Hello Friends!!

I am on only a short time...I still can't craft much but I will back; my pain is getting better and manageable but it is very sore....I hand up having to have my rotator cuff bones grinded down as well as some repair work...but I hope you enjoyed my guest designers this week...they did a fantastick job ;) and I am also wanting to thank Lynne for her help with my blog and other things she did for me while I am recuperating...thanks dear friend!!! love you! and for the rest of you friends thanks for prayers and thoughts has helped me a lot to get through and try to the blog a bit to give it some pizzazz and still looking for a neat banner to add to it but for now it will do and hopefully with Blogger some of my issues with it will be resolved if not I am going to Wordpress...will let you all know what I do as it progress and hopefully by Monday I will have my new creation posted and thanks for stopping by and giving some love to me and my friends! :) love you all! :)

In His Love,
Be Inspired,

P.S. Have not forgotten about the prizez to be drawn and announced just have not done that yet...I keep forgetting but I will do it have it on paper to remind me a blessed day! :)

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